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Since founding Comedy For Expats in 2016, Reginald Bärris has since been an instrumental figurehead in Austria's English comedy scene.


Reginald dropped out of university, and became the first-ever college drop out to get an Austrian artist visa for English stand-up comedy.

2018 - 2020

Reginald broke new ground touring the continent and bringing many cities their first taste of live English-language comedy.


Reginald co-produced and hosted the "Best of Europe Comedy" showcase, an international comedy special slated to air on R9TV. 


Reginald became the first English-speaking comedian to debut a solo show at Kabarett Niedermair and to perform at Kultursommer Wien.


Before the pandemic, Reginald toured heavily across Europe, performing roughly 200 shows each year. After each tour, he would scrap his previous show and diligently write a new hour of comedy for the next season.

Now Reginald has refined all his material into 6 separate solo shows with a diverse range of themes. Reginald can captivate audiences for hours on end with his unique comedic perspective as he blends cynicism and silliness to effortlessly deliver his densely packed punchlines.

Since New Year's Eve 2021, Reginald has produced and performed a solo show every single week, seeing hundreds of smiling guests each month.


Reginald also regularly provides corporate entertainment to clients across diverse industries. He's performed in hostels, universities, banks, aquariums, and even a traditional Viennese ball!

With more than a decade of stage experience, Reginald is ready for any situation. Whether it's an orientation, a Christmas party, a classroom, or even a political rally: Reginald has the skill and flexibility to craft the perfect show for your organization's needs!


United Nations IAEA

George UX (Erste Bank)



Radboud University Nijmegen

American Field Service

Green Aqua

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