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Comedy About Life Abroad

Expat Problems

A hilarious evning about travel and the expat experience! We don't need to convince you how exciting and life-changing traveling the world can be. But it's not all just fun in the sun, sipping caiparinhas on sandy beaches. What about when living abroad... goes wrong? As they say: "The worst decisions make the best stories"--and we can't wait to share stories with you!


Having traveled the world and sold out shows in 20+ countries, Reginald has so many stories to tell! Whether it's getting robbed in Egypt, drinking the wrong water in the Amazon, or even getting stranded in Transdanubia (it might as well be its own country), there's sure to be topics that everyone who's ever traveled can relate to!

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Dating/Relationship Comedy


Lighthearted and relatable comedy about the world's most universal topic: Dating and Relationships! From the romantic, to the awkward, to the outright insane--we've all had those dates that we're not proud of (but we also don't fully regret). When dating goes well, it can be magical... But when it goes bad? Well at least we get to look back and laugh about it!

Don't worry, this isn't a singles event--just a fun night full of jokes! So whether you single, happily married, polyamorous, or forever alone: There's something for everyone! Come laugh with us about "the Good, the Bad, and the Cringe" of modern dating!

True Crime Comedy

Born Behind Bars

Raised by killers, addicts, and the criminal underbelly, Reginald Bärris first set foot in prison at the age of 6 (true story). His bedtime stories were chilling police reports that put Grimm's fairytales to shame. BORN BEHIND BARS is equal parts heartfelt and hilarious as it tackles Reginald's first-hand experiences with crime, prison, and the chaos of the American legal system! Come enjoy this one-of-a-kind true crime comedy excperience!

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Delightfully Dark Comedy


"You can't joke about that!" How far is too far in comedy? Tonight we're going to find the line and dance all over it! If you're a fan of dark comedy, then this is the show for you! No topic is "too far" as long as it's funny enough to satisfy your twisted sense of humor. No limits--just funny!

Trigger Warning: This show covers a lot of dark, mature, and potentially offensive topics. If that's not for you, we reccomend checking out one of our other shows instead.

Instant Classic

Kabarett in English

Comedy in a fancy theater! Kabarett Niedermair is the legendary theater that has consistently had its fingers and the pulse of comedic culture, been the springboard for countless stars in Austria's Kabarett industry. However, it's always been in German... Until now!


INSTANT CLASSIC if the first English-language show to be welcomed to the renowned Kabarett stage, and we hope it's the first of many! And what better first impression than to bring back the show that orginally launched Reginald's career and made him a respected name in the continental European comedy circut! This show has toured acros 22 countries with sold out shows all across the continent, and it's back in the heart of Vienna at Kabarett Niedermair!

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A Little Bit of Everything!

Laughing Gas

Like a good charcuterie board, this show has something for everyone! LAUGHING GAS is a hilarious mix of all the other shows, giving you a little taste of all the flavors we have to offer. With no themes or constraints, this show is free to go wherever the night takes us!

Reginald offers his signature quick wit and unique perspective as he blends synicism and silliness to effortless deliver his densely packed punchlines. And there's bound be a healthy does of crowd work and improvisation to keep things fresh and exciting!

Comedy Open Mic

New Joke Night

Vienna's longest-running English comedy open mic! A fun mix of professionals working on new jokes and up-and-comers honing their craft! Unlike most art forms, comedy can only be practiced and perfected in front of an audience. That's the beauty of the open mic--it's a place for comedians to develop new material with audience feedback to know if their new joke is an instant classic or a complete dud.

Every new joke has to start somewhere, and that's what the open mic is for! Vienna's English comedy scene has come a long way since 2016, and we want to see it keep growing. That's why we open NEW JOKE NIGHT up to the public to give Austria's comedians a chance to work on new material as they move toward the next step of their careers!

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