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FM4 Happy Hour

On March 1st, 2023, Reginald Bärris became the first English-speaking comedian to perform on FM4 Happy Hour! Hosted by Austrian comedian and moderator Eva Deutsch, Happy Hour's mission is to celebrate the diversity of Austria's next generation of comedians.

This new "Humor-Generation" offers a diverse mix of perspectives in different formats, and Happy Hour proudly shines a light on the growing alternative comedy scene! The show was broadcast live from the ORF studio, and you can check out the full video HERE! (Photo Credit: FM4)​


Ballroom Comedy at Hofburg


On February 11, 2023, Reginald Bärris became the first English-speaking comedian to perform at an Austrian ball! The IAEA Staff Association Ball at The Hofburg palace has become an integral part of Austria's traditional ball calendar. The first IAEA Staff Ball was organized in 1961 and has been held regularly ever since. But their 2023 ball came with a new twist: English stand-up comedy!


Vienna has a rich history as a cultural hub in Europe, and 

is home to a diverse population from all over the world. The UN office alone employes more than 5000 people from 125 countries! But despite all this, the question of "what counts as culture" in high society is often limited to Mozart and the opera house.


But this year, the IAEA Ball Committee decided to innovate! To celebrate the vast international culture that Vienna has to offer, they hand-picked Reginald Bärris to do what had never been done before: English comedy at a traditional Viennese ball!

Kabarett Niedermair

Kabarett Niedermair is taking a step to mix tradition with modernity and embrace Austria’s international culture. The theater has been instrumental in shaping the past, present, and future of Austrian Kabarett. And now Niedermair now welcomes Reginald Bärris to its stage, opening the door to English-language comedy and Kabarett!

Since starting comedy in 2016, Reginald quickly realized that English comedy (though appreciated by many) would struggle to gain mainstream acceptance in Austria. Kabarett was for polite society in respected theaters and English comedy was relegated to bar basements. And no matter how many tours, sold out shows, or major festival performances English-speaking comedians acheived, their art form always seemed to be seen as a novelty by an industry resistant to change... until now!

Reginald Bärris - Instant Classic.png

On January 31st Reginald debuted his premiere to a theater filled with a mix of expat comedy fans and traditional Kabarett regulars. The show was a smashing success and has already been booked for 2 more showtimes on Niedermair's 2023 spring calendar. Now Reginald's mission is to continue bridging the gap between the Austrian Kabarett industry and the Vienna's English comedy scene. And this is only the beginning!

Opening for a Comedy Legend

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On October 6th, 2022, Reginald Bärris had the prestigious honor of being the opening act for Canadian comedy legend Russell Peters! Reginald took to the stage at a sold out Globe Wien (Marx Halle) and was met with a thundorous reception from Russell's ravenous fans!

Russell Peters is an international comedy phenomenon, and was recently named as on of Rolling Stone's 50 Best Comics of All Time. Over his 20+ year career, Russell has amassed an unprecedented global following, and sold out shows at Madison Square Garden (NYC) and the Sydney Opera House, as well as a record-breaking attendance at The O2 Arena in London.

The award-winning comedian has appeared on Showtime, Comedy Central, HBO, NBC, CBS, CBC and CTV. His DVD releases, "Russell Peters: Outsourced" and "Red, White and Brown," have sold more than 300,000 copies.

And in 2009 and 2010, he was listed on the Forbes list of top-earning comedians in the United States, along with Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld.

Russell Peters has an astounding legacy, and it was an honor for Reginald Bärris to have the privilege of sharing the stage with comedy royalty on the Vienna leg of Russell's 2022 "Act Your Age" tour!

A+ Comedy Event

Comedy isn't only for drunks in dim bar basements, but also young minds in academia! Studies show that students learn best when they're having fun, making comedy perfect for reinforcing English learning in the classroom.

On January 10, Reginald Bärris performed a private comedy event for several classes at Laaerberg Gymnasium in Favoriten. Since many of the students in the area come from underprivileged families, they would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit a comedy show outside of school. So school-funded events like this are an excellent way to support the community by enriching the international youth of Vienna with modern cultural events!

Every Single Friday!

Friday Night Comedy (Digital Flyer).png

New Year's Eve 2021 and moving forward, Comedy for Expats has put on a weekly comedy solo show at Shebeen International Pub. Each week, Reginald Bärris performs one of his 6 comedy solo shows, bringing hundreds of people per month flocking to the 7th district for some Friday night fun!

Each show has its own theme and unique charm, so things never get stale! From relatable dating humor to hilarious travel stories to True Crime Comedy and delightfully dark comedy that dares to push boundaries! Now sprinkle in a healthy dose of improvised crowd work, and you've got a recipe for the Comedy Extravaganza that keeps audiences coming back week after week!

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